Digital Design Director

I am a multi-disciplinary Design Director who likes to get her hands dirty and create awesome digital experiences. 


Work hard, stay humble. 

I have been working in the digital space for almost twenty years, designing, creative directing and developing. I have been lucky enough throughout my career to work with some amazing people at great companies which has shaped the way I take on every new project. I love collaboration on all levels with all different digital disciplines. It is the connections one has with each aspect of the development process that allows one to understand how best to communicate ideas and ultimately, a product’s mission. Clean crisp design is my aesthetic. Uncluttered and thoughtful in a way that gives the user a pleasant experience without making them think too much. Design that allows a user to pass through the digital space that I have created and get what they need to get done, with ease. A great digital product does not begin and end with IA, user stories, UX, development etc;. A great digital product is ever evolving and growing, shaped by the user’s needs and the advancement of technology. Iteration is key. As for me on a personal level; I love to work and work hard, I am meticulous and disciplined in my designs, and I’m constantly learning as much as I can about this ever-changing digital space. Also, I’m hilarious and love dogs. Check out my resume


Things I’m really good at and love to do. 

Creative Direction Interaction Design Branding & Identity Concept Development Strategy Design Team Management Design UX/UI Micro Interactions and Digital Animation Corporate Identity Editorial Content Design Graphic Communication Typography

Brands i’ve designed for

I have been fortunate to work with some great brands.

Get in touch

Give me a shout if you’d like to work together. 

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